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Close the gaps in revenue cycle demands and deficiencies so your organization has the workflow and integrity to save your bottom line

We identify your organization’s problem and partner with you to develop a program that is organic and scalable. We respect your privacy and will assess confidentiality to understand the nature of your revenue cycle demands and deficiencies. We are professionals, and we respect the confidentiality of the nature of our clients revenue cycle demands and deficiencies.

Your organization gets

  • Auditing and monitoring of provider documentation strategies
  • Custom Workflows

How it works

Revenue cycle integrity management involves a complex interplay of knowledge, technologies and processes. If your healthcare organization is like most, it has both strengths and opportunities for improvement in this area. Pivot’s team of consultants and auditors can uncover those opportunities for improvement. We can focus our attention on front-, middle- or back-end operations or review your entire workflow. Our recommendations will incorporate your current resources, your staff competencies and leadership skill sets. Above all, we will align them to your specific needs related to improving reimbursement.